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Clearing your name (includes credit reports)

After obtaining your credit records, ITC Assist will advise and facilitate the clearance process (including the removal of wrongful listings).

Once the consumer has settled the capital amount of the debt, the credit provider is obligated to send confirmation thereof to the credit bureaus within 7 days.

In many cases the credit providers do not comply – ITC Assist will administer the clearance process, lodge necessary disputes and follow the relevant procedures in order to remove listings and judgments (given that the debt has been settled) including:

  • Default and Adverse listings
  • Judgment listings
  • Administration and Garnishee orders

We will retrieve and summarise your credit reports from all 4 major credit bureaus ensuring we do not miss that one lost listing causing embarrassing declines and rejections.

Obtain your full credit report from:
  • TransUnion (formerly known as ITC)
  • Experian
  • XDS
  • Compuscan